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GVT has developed our Patented HealthSafe UnLeaded Water Meter, which represents an enormous advance in technology in an industry unchanged in decades until now.

GVT's UnLeadead Water Meter's Features

Our Innovation Features To Give The Best Results!
  • Why would customers risk buying high lead brass meters now, that maybe non-compliant with future codes? GVT's UnLeaded Water Meter may provide the answer.
  • Has a Low Carbon Footprint estimated at 2.26 Kg per meter. An equivalent brass meter has an eleven times greater CO2 impact.
  • Meter theft will be sharply reduced, as the scrap value of our UnLeaded Water Meter is negligible unlike brass meters.
  • It is Zero Lead unlike existing brass meters and therefore complies with international health requirements.
  • Australia lags North America and Europe in the elimination of lead content from our water. The Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) has recently decided to limit allowable Lead content in plumbing products, including water meters, to no more than 0.25% instead of current. Do you want to wait perhaps 10 or more years to have your old, high Lead water meter replaced? Talk about this with your water company now if you feel uncomfortable about this. They are very customer focussed.
  • Two devices in one - GVT's UnLeaded Water Meter is the only water meter also certified to AS2845.1 as a Backflow Prevention Device.
  • Reduced pressure loss with use of GVTs Patented Backflow Prevention Valve.

Innovative CFV

Watch this video to learn more about our Zero Lead Valve.

Ask For a GVT UnLeaded Water Meter Today!

Please contact your water supply company and simply ask them to please replace your old, brass leaded meter with a new Lead free water meter. Often this will be at no cost.
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