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GVT has now developed a dual check valve that:

  • Is Centreline Flow "CFV"
  • The single check unit is significantly smaller than existing DN20 conventional poppet valves.
  • Can save in excess of 56% of the brass body weight of a standard DN20 conventional poppet valve.
  • Has significantly better performance than conventional poppet valves (Dual CV)
    • Passed tests for: holding, back and forward pressure as required by AS 2845.1
  • Has a unique design in that:
    • It requires much less energy to open a GVT Dual Check Valve, due to its unique spring and door design.
  • Reduced energy consumption & lowered CO2 emissions (i.e. use of smaller valve bodies, pumps and pipelines)
  • Fewer number of components;
  • Centreline design reduces flow obstruction;
  • Unique design and international patent protection;
  • Much smaller in size than current poppet valves (reduced costs);
  • Reduced inventory without limiting the product range offered;
  • Superior pressure drop Vs flow rate performance. See Test Results;
  • Valve sizes and performance can be optimsed to suit a range of applications.

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Video of GVT's CFV