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GVT has developed a unique design, Dual Check Back Flow Control, Safety Valve that has significantly better performance than conventional Poppet Valves.

GVT's Centerline Flow Valves Features

Our Innovation Features Give The Best Results!

  • Saves in excess of 56% of the brass body weight of a Standard DN20 Conventional Poppet Valve.
  • The Single Check Unit is significantly smaller than existing DN20 conventional Poppet Valves.
  • Has significantly better performance than conventional Poppet Valves (Dual CFV). Certified to AS 2845.1 and other relevant International Standards.
  • Has a unique spring and door design which requires much less energy to open a GVT Dual Check Valve.
  • Reduced energy consumption & lower CO2 emissions (i.e., use of smaller valve bodies, pumps and pipelines).
    • Incredibly low pressure loss because of streamline flow down the central axis of the valve.
    • Proven in the field with millions of valves sold and in use Worldwide over several years.
    • Can be manufactured readily as food grade product. Corrosion resistant.
    • Unique design and International Patent Protection.
    • Superior pressure drop Vs flow rate performance. See Test Results.
    • Valve sizes and performance can be optimised to suit a range of applications.
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    Ask For a GVT UnLeaded Water Meter Today!

    Please contact your water supply company and simply ask them to please replace your old, brass leaded meter with a new Lead free water meter. Often this will be at no cost.
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